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Silhouette eyewearUnlimited vision ­ made in Austria ­ this is what you will experience with the stylish models from Silhouette, the number 1 in rimless eyewear design. After all, in eyes of Silhouette eyewear is more than “just” a vision aid, it is a stylish accessory in future-oriented design offering lightness and wearing comfort.

A Silhouette always incorporates itself gracefully, elegantly, flowing and harmonic in the face of the wearer. It underscores the natural beauty without covering or changing it. After all: The best frame for a pair of glasses is always the face of the wearer. Silhouette eyewear stands for the highest quality standards, incomparable wearing comfort and long lasting use. The eyewear of the future is the eyewear of the present at Silhouette. The eyewear is light, innovative, elegant, timeless, honest and without screws.

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